Alexey Rekadze

I find endless inspiration in nature, people, animals, and in little everyday things that always surround me. Fields, forests, water, sky, flowers evolve onto the surface of the canvas as I interpret their colors, shapes, and patterns.

I always use oil in my work and tend to vary style depending on the subject, light, and even the mood I am in. Some of my paintings are realistic, either in a traditional or contemporary way, whereas others are impressionistic or abstract.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, I now live in Ottawa, Canada, and take advantage of the region's changing seasons to the fullest, with fall and winter being my favorites.

After having retired from my position of professor of philosophy at St. Petersburg University, I decided to pursue my life-long passion for oil painting and became a full-time artist. I realized that being a philosopher helps me see the hidden meaning of each of my subjects and uncover its subtleties, the small details that make it interesting and unique. My extensive travel throughout Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Far East provided a limitless source of inspiration.

My art is greatly influenced by the classic Russian artists, such as Ivan Shishkin and Isaak Levitan among others.

I am a member of the Ottawa Art Association. My affiliations include the Ottawa School of Art gallery, the Main Street art gallery of the Ottawa Civic Hospital, the Ottawa Little Theater art gallery. My work has been featured in numerous art shows in Ottawa. Most of my works are held in private collections in Canada, Russia, and Ukraine.

Alexey Rekadze

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